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This page is Dedicated to the many Men and Women who lost there lives on September 11th, 2001 Gone but never forgotten

World Trade Center Tribute

World Trade Center Skeleton

September 11, 2001 will forever be engrained in our hearts and memories. On that terrible day the City of New York and the country as a whole suffered a terrible loss. During that and the following days the Metropolitan Fire Association rendered assistance at GROUND ZERO in addition to the other boroughs of this fine City.

We also suffered a loss of own two of our current and former members.

This page is a tribute to all who have made the supreme sacrifice.



Lt Greg Atlas  Engine 10Keith Roma   Fire Patrol 2


Lt Greg Atlas  Engine 10 Keith Roma   Fire Patrol 2 




tower ladder at the world trade center metropolitan fire association the night of clean up

the helmets at the world trade center