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Here you will find pictures and a brief description on some exameples of drills we do over the course of the year if you have any questions about the drills please contact us at the email provided at the bottom of the page.

Training And Action

Here you will see many drills done with our explorers and adults with our highly trained and certified instructors.

A photo of our explorers learning the proper way too handle and use a chain saw.

All of our members, adult or explorer are trained to check and do their own rigging, of course with proper supervision.

After rigging is properly secured our explorers are allowed to repel down the building with supervision up top and below

With all explorers properly secured we had the explorers due a low angle rescue drill.

During the winter our training of explorers continues with classroom drills and outdoor drills such as the Ice rescue drill at Pouch Day Camp.

The Metropolitan Explorers and Adults together for a drill.